Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me! and Not My Husband!

I love MckMamas Not me Mondays! I wish I'd get better about posting one every week! This week I did more on my husband but thats ok! Happy Not Meing everyone!

It was NOT me that had a horrible laughing fit while my one year old threw a fit! I am in complete control of my reactions and would NEVER lead my child to believe that his fits are hilarious!

It was NOT my husband that popped popcorn on the stove for the first time this weekend. It was NOT my husband that poured light corn syrup in the pan to pop the popcorn in and then didn't understand why it wasn't working! It was NOT me that laughed about it and had to help correct the situation and point out that the syrup was for the caramel!

It was NOT my husband that decided he would take a look in my ear at the doctors office the other day! It was NOT me that told him he would get caught. and it most certainly was NOT him that jumped and fumbled to put the ear tool (whatever its called! ha!) back as the Doctor came in! My husband knows better than to touch things like that at a doctors office!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Afraid I May Have Come Down With Something...

When I see someone with a beautiful, big, round belly I sigh with longing and maybe a twinge of jealousy.

My heart melts when I see pictures like this...
I keep finding myself talking about names.

That's right. I am in the beginning stages of Baby Fever!!

Most people that I have talked to love the 2 year gap between their kids! I think I would like my kids to be about 2 years apart! That's been the plan... but lately I feel like I'm ready to jump the gun! I even looked up a potential due date for if I got pregnant THIS month (September 30th, by the way!) Then I told myself, wait a freakin minuet!! You have a baby that just turned ONE! I love him to pieces don't get me wrong! and it's not even that I want a newborn this instant it's just that I'm feeling ready to start the growing process!

I'd also really like for Colby to enjoy another Halloween, Christmas, and Birthday all to him self! So I am going to plan on sticking with the original plan! (or something like that!)

Here's to being patient! (No really I'm good at being patient! hoping to be patient!)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me!

Just a short one!

It was NOT me who attempted to make some oh so cute cake pops like MckMamas! It also was NOT me that got ticked when I realized I added too much frosting to make them stay on the stick! It also was NOT me that threw a cake ball into the bowl of melted white chocolate and stomped out of the kitchen leaving my husband some half done cake ball mess to try and mend while I pouted on the couch! C'mon I wouldn't act like that!

I did NOT nurse my one year old son in the middle of the night twice this weekend either! He has been doing so well I would NOT risk going back to that when that is not something we wish to do!

I did NOT wait until the very last possible moment to do our laundry either! It was NOT me that had no clean socks! and I know for a fact it was NOT my husband that was out of socks, boxers, AND work shirts! I wash clothes as soon as something hits the floor clothes hamper!

New Year!

What a crazy, wonderful year 2009 was! What will 2010 bring?

I always have tons of things on my mind and sometimes I'd like a place to put them! After reading about blogging boldly I wonder if this will be the year to really get this blog going! I'd love for it to be a place to share many different things! Sometimes I just feel like the things I have to say are goofy, not very important, or not interesting! Anyone else ever feel that way?

This year a few of my goals are to become a better cook so that my family and I cna enjoy many more home cooked meals together! I'd also really like to branch out and meet some new people and form some new relationships. What about you?

These next few days are going to be busy for us! We have some family and friends coming in to town for Colby's birthday party! I have last minuet things to do to get ready for that and we have to plan this around more SNOW! I am not excited about that at all. I'm tired of snow and very ready for summer time!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful year!

I promise I'm going to work on keeping this updated! (another 2010 goal!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Today my sweet blue eyed boy turns one!! Can you believe it?

What a year it has been! I couldn't be more proud of this little man! He cracks me up and I just can't stop smiling every time I look at him!

Today we are celebrating with Cookies at daycare and cake tonight with Mommy and Daddy! His big party is in a little over a week!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

HP TouchSmart Computer!!

Can you believe that Mckmama is giving away an HP TouchSmart Computer?? Me either but it's totally true!!

This awesome giveaway started on my birthday and it ends today!! I would LOVE to win this beautiful computer!! I hope I win!

Have a very Merry Christmas Eve!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lightroom 2!!

Tomorrow at there will be a big giveaway!! The prize???? LIGHTROOM 2!!!! I am SO excited about this! I have always loved photography and I've been talking to Matt about wanting to learn more and get better! So just this month I did a fun little photo shoot of my friend and her daughter! I would love to have this awesome adobe program to help me sharpen my photo editing skills!!

Cross your fingers for me!!

And check out I LOVE her blog! =)